Types of Blush

Okay, so now we know what types of foundation there are.  But what about blush?  Blush can lighten up your face and make your cheeks look rosier.  It can be gorgeous when the form of blush, as well as colour, are matched properly to your skin.

The most common types of blush are:

  • Powder – Most women like powder blush the best.  It is easy to apply properly, and can be applied a little at a time, so you can decide how bold or soft you’d like to go.  It’s also great for blending.  I personally prefer compressed powder, because its easy to take on-the-go and isnt messy.  It’s amazing for those with oily skin, because it’ll help keep the oil and shine in check, and has less of a chance of causing a breakout.

I personally love NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush in Pinched.  I had this previously, but I used it all!  It’s often been referred to as a cheaper version of Nars Cosmetics’ Orgasm blush.  NYX has some great, very pigmented products.  Obviously, you would choose a colour which compliments your skin!

  • Cream – These take a little getting used to.  If you have oily or sensitive skin, I would be careful using cream blush because they have been known to cause breakouts.  Also, make sure you’re wearing a primer if you choose to wear cream blush, because it may wear off quickly if you don’t.  These can be a tad messy at times, but can give a great look.  Just remember to start with a little, and build to your liking.  Mousse blush is somewhat similar.
  • Stains – These can have fabulous staying power and can look really glamorous if applied properly.  These are probably the hardest, and most messy to apply.  As long as you remember the golden rule: a little goes a long way! you should be alright.  Practice makes perfect!
  • Illuminators/Bronzers These aren’t really ‘blushes’, but pretty close, so I thought I’d post these here anyway.  Illuminators can be great for applying all over the face, to highlight.  For example, try applying an illuminator just along the top of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for a fresh, glowing look.  Sometimes illuminators will come with a contour shade, which you can apply just along the bottom of the cheekbone to further accentuate them.  For bronzers, its easy to go a little crazy and get a creepy over-tanned look if you’re not careful.  Again, though, they can give you that summer glow all year round.  Some ladies like shimmery bronzers; I personally prefer the matte type.

e.l.f. Studio Bronzers

Try e.l.f. Studio Bronzers in Warm, Golden, or Cool. If you prefer a sheer, shimmery bronzed look, I would recommend choosing either Warm or Golden shades; if you want a matte bronzed look, try it in Cool.

Hopefully that gives you a broad idea of the types of blush you have to pick from.  There are so many types out there, why not try a few and decide what works best for your skin?

That’s all for now, gorgeous ladies.  See you soon!

xox The Beauty Bard♥

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2 thoughts on “Types of Blush

    1. Yes, same with me! It is so much easier to blend blushes with illuminators when they’re in powder form. It gives a really soft, feminine, and light look for day.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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